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Thank you!!!

This podcast has phenomenonal tips to help strengthen marriages whether a couple has been married over 25 years like us or have recently been married. These practical podcasts are short enough that they are easy to listen to on a continuous basis but robust enough that there are key learnings you can apply to keep your marriage thriving.

We love Focus!

I’m a pastor’s wife and we have a marriage ministry. We try to walk alongside of struggling couples by discipling them, encouraging them to pray together and do daily devotions. I have shared so many articles from Focus and this podcast so many times. We pray for this ministry and are thankful for such a needed ministry standing in the gap. I know I can trust Focus to always provide Biblically sound materials and content.

Great show

So much honesty, really helps in all areas of marriage . Volume is extremely low compared to all other podcasts on this platform. they probably need to adjust their audio settings.

Couldn’t do it without them!

We have been following Focus for over 20 years. We have found them to be very helpful in raising our children and building our marriage with a strong foundation. We are so thankful for the entire Focus on The Family team!

Very applicable

It’s so applicable to everyone and anyone looking to improve their marriage and family. Surprisingly very, very practical.

So good!!

In my experience, so many spiritual podcasts’ host’s speak only of past struggles. In the past I’ve found myself feeling less than or different because I was and have always been struggling CURRENTLY. This podcast is good for my soul in so many ways but I just realized how healing it is that these hosts and guests are not only looking to guide the listener towards healing but they are looking to receive healing themselves through facing the difficult personal truths they currently are sorting out. The courage it takes to heal together brings us all to know Jesus’ heart in ways we never could have if we had prayed ourselves “well” in solitude. Thank you for your relatable, beautiful honest hearts!

Quick bites to chew on throughout your day

This show gives information and advice from a God-honoring perspective. Great information in just a few, quick minutes that you can think on throughout your day. It will make a positive impact on your perspective and expectations in marriage.

Wonderful tips in bite sized chunks.

Great information, totally relevant and yet often overlooked. Thank you for the commitment to family!

This podcast is so perfect!

I’ve listened to 3 of these podcasts and I’ve already learned so much. I’m sharing with my married children.

Top Notch

Love love love this podcast.. sharing it often with friends and family

Essential ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I listen to this podcast every day. Jim and Greg do an awesome job and I love hearing peoples testimonies. Keep up the great work!


Focus on the Family has marriage beliefs that are dangerous to women in abusive marriages.

Impeccable timing

There’s no such thing as “I know everything I need and everything is great” There is always something to learn, prevent, and grow from. I’ve made so many mistakes. It is so difficult to get everything right. With these podcasts anytime I’m going through something I skim through the topics and find exactly what I need . And sometimes I don’t even skim, I’ll just play the most recent and it always convicts me and brings me back to a humble state of mind . It is so easy to become prideful and harm my best friend. May God help us as we learn through biblical principles and through your experiences! Thank you!!!

Absolutely Love!

I love sitting under the conversation and wisdom of Greg, Erin and Team. These short podcasts are a breath of fresh air to our young and maturing marriage. Thank you, Focus Team!


I love these podcasts SO much! I listen to them all the time

So useful!

These podcasts are so educational and helpful!

Such an encouragement in my walk of faith and in my marriage and family

This podcast is so encouraging because Focus on the Family roots for marriages and for families, and they provide tons of biblically based resources, advice, and council. I love that they love Jesus and that they love marriage and family. What a breath of fresh air in this time that we’re living in! I thank God that Focus on the Family exists.

Great podcast!

Came across this podcast last week and have listened to several episodes already! Great content from a good group of people with a Christian perspective. Definitely gives you something to think about!

A Must Listen to Habit for All Couples

This is a must for all couples who want to improve their relationship. The speakers deliver information seamlessly and it’s relatable. I only wish I can discovered this sooner.


What should men do if there wife says tonight or tomorrow for sex and what if it doesn’t happen what should we do

Worth Your Time

I’ve listened to so many of these podcasts and also the Loving Well Series. They have been such a blessing in my life and relationships! Everyone should listen and apply the concepts talked about in these! They are also fun to listen to!!


The content of this podcast is so helpful, relevant, and truthful. They’re not afraid to speak the truth!

Life changer

I have learned how to look at my marriage from a different perspective. There are some things that I had never thought of before. Thank you for opening my eyes to see that although marriage is not easy, it can be wonderful. It takes work, but it is so worth it!

So Helpful!!!

I’ve been listening to this broadcast ever since I can remember. At a young age my parents listened to Focus on the Family all the time and listening to Adventures in Odyssey! And now as a wife and mom it is so helpful in my everyday life. This podcast helps me be stronger in my marriage and helps me to communicate the way God intended.

Your Excitement

The podcast is great, good amount of time to get a quick encouragement, and important topics. However, when everyone gets animated about the conversation, interruptions escalate and it’s difficult to hear anything. Thanks!

Thankful I discovered this podcast

This podcast has been immensely enriching, timely, and insightful. It provides practical application with biblical and spiritual principles to support marriage God’s way. You all are doing a phenomenal job and you’re helping thousands with your wisdom. Thank you!

So practical and positive. Very easy listening.

Focus on the Family brings the very best practical helps that are consistently based on timeless wisdom. It is so refreshing to not be encouraged to be self-centered and selfish.

So helpful!

For the past 2 years, I have listened to one of these podcasts every Mo day as I drive to work. It reminds me that my marriage needs to be a top priority. Thankful for the ideas, questions to ask, and attitude to bring when I return home to my family. Thanks for all you guys do!

Love u guys

Thankful for this podcast. I have listened to focus on the family for many many years. So helpful.

A must listen

The Unapologetic Christian viewpoints are incredibly refreshing, especially when coupled with hosts that are incredibly honest and vulnerable about their own struggles. This is a must listen for any couple committed to not just being married, but growing and feeding their marriage.