Oct. 7, 2021

A Healthy Kind of Humor: Episode 714

A Healthy Kind of Humor: Episode 714

Using humor appropriately, plus a conversation on humility, and when you're interested in one guy but another asks you out.

Featured musical artist: Ellie Holcomb

Roundtable: Using Humor Appropriately

There's nothing like laughing with your friends and family. A good punchline, a quick-witted response, and before you know it the room is roaring with laughter. But admittedly, crude joking and cheap low blows are easy to come by. As Christians, what kind of humor is appropriate and what is not? Our guests share the types of humor they appreciate, how they balance the funny and the serious, and what it looks like to tell jokes without tearing others down.

Culture: The Truth About Our Bad Selves

We hear it all the time: "He's good at heart." "I'm perfect just the way I am." But while it sounds nice, we know it's not really true. In reality, all of us think we're better than we really are, and comparing ourselves to others helps us believe it. Author and radio personality Brant Hansen calls it a humility problem, describing the ways he's struggled with pride and how God's Word points us to put others above ourselves.

Inbox: Waiting in the Wings

She really likes a guy and wants to get to know him. However, a different guy just asked her out on a date. Should she hope the guy she likes will like her back, or go out with the man who's already offered? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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