Sept. 30, 2021

Are Your Standards Too High?: Episode 713

Are Your Standards Too High?: Episode 713
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Evaluating your dating standards, plus part two on a Christian's approach to dating, and finding a match when your options are limited.

Featured musical artist: Liz Vice

Roundtable: Are Your Dating Standards Too High?

There are essential qualities to look for in a future spouse: must be a solid Christian, growing as an individual, has a humble spirit. But what about the gray areas ... like personality? Likes and interests? Or church preference and worship style? Our guests talk about evaluating their dating standards to focus on the essentials. They also remind us that we're all a work in progress, and discuss how to work through important issues that may or may not be deal-breakers in dating.

Culture: How Should I Date? (Part 2)

You long to be married someday, but before you find a mate, you must be willing to go on some dates. Well, is there a right way to date? Eric Demeter is a single guy who knows the ups and downs of dating, and has sought the wisdom of both Scripture and godly mentors. In part two of our conversation, he'll discuss practical ways to find a spouse, explain how love is similar to baking a cheesecake, and share his take on finding The One.

Inbox: Slim Pickin's

She wants to find a Christian husband, but the number of single guys her age in her community is rather small. Plus, she's looking for some specific qualities in a guy. What can she do? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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