July 29, 2021

Biblical Submission in Marriage (Part 1): Episode 704

Biblical Submission in Marriage (Part 1): Episode 704
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Living out Ephesians 5 in marriage, plus the inside scoop on progressive Christianity, and addressing masturbation in a relationship. 

Featured musical artist: David Dunn

Roundtable: What Biblical Submission Should Look Like (Part 1)

Submission is a touchy subject, and people can get pretty heated talking about it. If you’ve ever wondered what the Bible really says about submission or what biblical submission should look like in a marriage, listen to this conversation. Our panel discusses these questions and more, bringing their wisdom and sometimes hilarious personal experiences to the table. Then tune in next week for more!

Culture: Is Progressive Christianity Really Christianity?

In today’s culture, it's easy to confuse progressive Christianity with a passion for social justice or even an affiliation with a political party. But what is it really? Most progressives by definition have actually rejected certain tenets of orthodox Christianity. Alisa Childers, musician and author of “Another Gospel?,” talks through the particulars and shares her own deconstruction story and how in the process (and with the influence of a pastor) she almost walked away from her faith. Instead, she reconstructed with a more confident view of God, His Word and the gospel.

Inbox: My Boyfriend Still Masturbates Daily

Her boyfriend told her that he no longer views porn, but still struggles with daily masturbation. She’s wondering what this means for their relationship, and what help is available to him moving forward. Counselor Geremy Keeton weighs in.

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