Aug. 4, 2022

Boundaries During Engagement (Part 1): Episode 757

Boundaries During Engagement (Part 1): Episode 757
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Having good boundaries while engaged, plus important info before you get married, and is it OK to work alone with coworkers of the opposite sex?

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Roundtable: Boundaries Leading up to Marriage (Part 1)

The temptation to blur lines and push physical, emotional and relational boundaries is often stronger during engagement than other phases of dating. It’s also tricky to navigate compromise and common ground in the areas of finances, family and more. We brought in marriage mentors Roger and Diane Ingolia to shed light on appropriate boundaries to set for yourselves and others during the critical pre-marriage season. You’ll also hear from newlyweds Gabriel and Hannah Nymeyer on how they tackled these challenges while engaged. In part one, the couples address family dynamics and finances.

Culture: Things to Know Before Getting Married

There are many cultural lies circulating around marriage, most making marriage out to be either a drudgery or a fairy tale. A good marriage takes work, intention, an open heart and a sense of fun. Dana Che, host of “Real Relationship Talk,” joins us to discuss a few things she wished she had known before walking the aisle. Whether you’re newly married or someday hope to be, this is a must listen.

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Inbox: Should I Work Alone With Someone of the Opposite Sex?

She works as an EMT where her job requires her to be alone with male colleagues for long periods of time. Some of her Christian friends have cautioned against this, but didn’t support their opinions with Scripture. In this type of situation, what is necessary and wise? Counselor Jenny Coffey weighs in.

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