July 15, 2021

Disagree Kindly: Episode 702

Disagree Kindly: Episode 702
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How to be kind to those you disagree with, plus safeguarding your emotional health, and when the desire to marry isn’t strong. 

Featured musical artist: Aaron Shust 

Roundtable: Disagreement Without Division

Whether on social media or elsewhere, it seems everyone is angry these days. Polarizing issues abound; even issues on which reasonable Christians can disagree are driving a wedge in churches, friend groups and families. As Christians, how should we respond? What if we’re part of the problem? Our guests share their biggest triggers and how they try to maintain peace in relationships rather than sowing discord. They’ll also give tips for engaging in civil conversations and loving others even when opinions differ and emotions run high.  

Culture: Emotional Health Checkup

For millennials and Gen Z, terms like depression, anxiety, burnout and stress are part of our daily vocabulary. Will our generation ever find the path to mental and emotional health? Licensed professional counselor Debra Fileta joins us to share her own struggles in these areas, and how it’s possible to identify and address the challenges we face. If you or someone you know is struggling to stay mentally and emotionally afloat, this conversation will give some much-needed hope.    

Inbox: What If I Don’t Want to Get Married?

She’s feeling a lot of pressure from others to get married. But when she searches her own heart, the desire for a spouse isn’t that strong. Is this a problem or a good thing? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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