May 25, 2023

Independence While Dating: Episode 799

Independence While Dating: Episode 799
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Dating without losing yourself, plus Dr. Greg Smalley on preparing for a great marriage, and when does a relationship reach the “serious” stage?


Featured musical artist:  Stu Garrard


Roundtable: Don’t Lose Yourself in Dating


It happens all the time: Two people fall in love — then go MIA. You don’t see them except when they’re together (if that). But it’s not healthy to lose yourself in another person at any stage, so how can we encourage a healthier approach to dating? What are appropriate boundaries and rhythms to keep in mind? Our guests have walked the dating journey with ups and downs in this area, and they’ll offer ideas for enjoying and getting to know another person without losing your independence.


Culture: Preparing for Your Future Marriage (Part 1) 


Many singles dream of finding a spouse. But after that comes…marriage. Marriage is fantastic, but not easy. Are there things to learn before marriage that will set you up for better success in marriage? To help frame our perspective on what makes marriage work, Dr. Greg Smalley instructs us how to think about love from a godly perspective. In part one of our conversation, he’ll address the principles of commitment, seeking God, and honoring your significant other.


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Inbox: When Does a Relationship Become “Serious”? 


He’s not been in a serious dating relationship before, but recently started chatting with a girl who lives 1,300 miles away. He’s planning to visit her soon and sees her as someone he could date. But he’s wondering: When does a relationship reach the “serious” stage, and what does he need to know in light of that? Lisa Anderson weighs in.       


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