June 30, 2022

Managing Money Despite Inflation: Episode 752

Managing Money Despite Inflation: Episode 752
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Managing Money Despite Inflation: Episode 752

Featured musical artist: Aaron Shust ( https://www.aaronshust.com/ )

Tips for fighting inflation, plus part one of a dating Q&A with Jonathan Pokluda, and having boundaries with opposite-sex friends.

Roundtable: Don’t Let Inflation Get You Down

Inflation is hitting all of our wallets. From higher gas prices to the cost of groceries and travel, it seems like everything is getting more expensive. How do we cope? We share money-saving tips, corners we’re cutting, and investment opportunities we’re exploring for the future. We also admit what we’re not willing to let go. Join us for this fun yet practical conversation!

Culture: Dating Q&A With Jonathan Pokluda (Part 1)

After years of working with young adults, Pastor Jonathan (JP) Pokluda has fielded just about every dating question you could imagine. He joins us to answer even more, and this time they’re your questions — asked by live audience members and submitted on social media. In part one this week, JP tackles questions about crushing on a coworker, not having time to date, and how to handle it when someone doesn’t text you back.

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Inbox: Boundaries With Opposite-Sex Friends

While having friends of the opposite gender is great, it’s important to have good boundaries to avoid confusion, false intimacy, and the dreaded “friendlationship.” The question is, which boundaries are recommended? Counselor Jenny Coffey weighs in.

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