Dec. 8, 2022

Masculine Instincts: Episode 775

Masculine Instincts: Episode 775
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Are you a planner or more spontaneous? Plus, five instincts of masculinity, and is it normal to be regularly annoyed at your boyfriend?

Featured musical artist: Hollyn 

Roundtable: Structure or Spontaneity? 

While some people map out their daily routines, others prefer to be more “off the cuff” and ready for anything. Each tendency has strengths and weaknesses. Our panelists share their unique approaches to life, how they both maximize and guard their temperaments, and how they flex to accommodate those who are different.

Culture: 5 Masculine Instincts and What They Mean

What does it mean to embrace godly masculinity? Pastor Chase Replogle has written “The 5 Masculine Instincts” to explore this topic. Listen in as he and Lisa break down the manifestations of sarcasm, adventure, ambition, reputation and apathy in men — how they are not necessarily sinful, yet how they can go awry. Most importantly, Chase will show us what it looks like to submit each instinct to the Lord.

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Inbox: She’s Annoyed With Her Boyfriend

She and her boyfriend have been together for almost two years, yet she finds herself regularly annoyed at him. Is this normal? Her friends tell her that annoyances get worse once you get married. Counselor Elaine Humphries weighs in.

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