May 5, 2022

Men and Self-Esteem: Episode 744

Men and Self-Esteem: Episode 744
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Men overcoming low self-esteem, plus a Q&A with pastor Jonathan Pitts on grief, and should you change churches when dating?

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Roundtable: Low Self-Esteem in Men

When you’re one click away from seeing the highlight reels of your friends' lives, it’s easy to think you’re not as important or special as anyone else. Or maybe you’ve thought that since childhood; old wounds don’t always heal, do they? Hurtful experiences, poor relationships and false comparisons can drag us into the pit of low self-esteem. Is there a way to protect yourself and even overcome the lies? In part two of our series on low self-esteem, we’ll ask a group of men what brings them down, and more importantly, what it looks like to turn things around by understanding our limitations and embracing our identity in Christ.

Culture: Surviving Grief and Loss (Part 2)

When Jonathan Pitts and his wife, Wynter, celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, they had much to look forward to, including writing books and doing ministry together. But less than a month later, Wynter died suddenly at age 38. Her passing sent Jonathan and their four daughters into a tailspin. But through that difficult season, Jonathan saw God’s faithfulness. In part two of our conversation, he’ll answer your questions on grief and loss.

Get the book "My Wynter Season: Seeing God’s Faithfulness in the Shadow of Grief" here: ( )

Inbox: Dating Someone From Another Church

If you start dating someone who attends another church, should you leave your own congregation to join theirs? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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