Dec. 2, 2021

Opposite-Sex Friendships (Part 2): Episode 722

Opposite-Sex Friendships (Part 2): Episode 722
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Guys on being friends with girls, plus finding stability in a transient world, and losing a parent when you're single.

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Roundtable: Being Friends With Girls

Having friends of the opposite gender can be a lot of fun, but without healthy boundaries and respect, things will quickly get weird. We brought in a panel of guys who describe what it's like to be friends with girls their age. They'll address expectations, appropriate attitudes and behaviors, ways to avoid the awkward "friend zone" and more.

Culture: Growing Roots (Part 2)

We've all heard the myth, "The grass is greener on the other side." We laugh, but if we're honest, we've all believed it in some way. But what if true joy and fulfillment comes in being content where God has put us today? In part two of our conversation, Pastor Daniel Grothe shares about finding stability with family, making time for meaningful friendships, and what it looks like to find a life-giving church.

Inbox: Losing a Parent as a Single Person

She recently lost her dad and is feeling lonely. He was not only a great friend and fix-it guy, but since she is single, he was the main man in her life. Is moving on even possible during the grief process? Lisa Anderson weighs in with some hope and encouragement.

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