April 6, 2023

Prayer for the Common Christian: Episode 792

Prayer for the Common Christian: Episode 792
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Learning to pray, plus thoughts on sexual purity before marriage, and what to do when singleness feels like suffering.

Featured musical artist:   David Baloche 

Roundtable: How to Pray in a Meaningful Way

Some people seem to pray with ease, while others struggle with it. Are there “good” prayers and ways to pray? Our guests discuss some of their challenges with prayer, how they’ve learned to pray, and what it means to be honest with God. If you find prayer a difficult discipline, you’ll be encouraged by this conversation.

Culture: Sexual Purity in Preparation for Marriage 

If you grew up in the church, you may have been taught (or at least assumed) that a discussion around purity was about not having sex before marriage. But instead of a list of don’ts, what if it’s something deeper and ultimately freeing? Tovares Grey is back to discuss ideas around biblical sexuality that are helpful in preparing for a godly marriage. As the founder of Godly Dating 101, he’ll share misconceptions he had about sex, sin and temptation; why we should trust God with our sexuality, and how God redeems sexual brokenness in those who want to be healed.

Godly Dating 101: Discover the Truth About Relationships in  a World That Constantly Lies 

Inbox: Suffering in Singleness?

Our listener is struggling to see singleness as a gift. While the Bible says it’s an honorable calling, what do you do when it feels more like suffering? Lisa Anderson weighs in.