Feb. 10, 2022

Unrequited Love: Episode 732

Unrequited Love: Episode 732
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When the person you like isn’t attracted to you, plus hope for people-pleasers, and how to respond to a single pastor’s romantic interest.

Featured musical artist: Covenant Worship ( https://covenantchurch.org/whatwedo/worship/ )

Roundtable: When Attraction Isn’t Mutual

You happen to really like someone, but as you get to know them it becomes clear that the feelings of attraction aren’t mutual. Should you hold on to the hope that their feelings will change, or is it safer to just move on? Our panel shares ideas for navigating the awkwardness and disappointment of unrequited love, and how you can find peace even when someone doesn’t like you back.

Culture: Taming the People-Pleasing Monster (Part 2)

People-pleasers abound. In fact, if you’re honest, you probably are one. People-pleasers do the hard work, hoping someone will notice or give us a compliment for our efforts. Or we never say “no,” afraid to face disapproval or rejection. But constantly looking for approval will only leave us feeling used and depleted. Dr. Mike Bechtle shares how he’s struggled with and learned to stop trying to live for the approval of others. In part two of our discussion, he’ll share some practical tips for overcoming people-pleasing tendencies.

Inbox: My Pastor Wants to Date Me

She just moved and started attending a young adults group at her new church. However, the pastor is a single guy who has started showing interest in her. She appreciates his attention, but isn’t interested in dating right now. How should she respond? Counselor MT Wilson weighs in.

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