Sept. 22, 2022

What I’d Tell My Dating Self: Episode 764

What I’d Tell My Dating Self: Episode 764
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Marrieds share lessons from their dating years, plus staying out of the comparison trap, and guarding your heart while waiting to get engaged.

Featured musical artist: Zach Williams

Roundtable: If I Had to Date Again

Marriage has a way of giving you a fresh perspective on dating; sometimes hindsight is 20/20. While getting to know someone with romantic potential can be exciting, how do you know if you’re discovering the things that are truly important in marriage? To help you date successfully with the future in mind, our guests share things they did well in dating, things they wish they’d done differently, and lessons they learned from their dating journeys.

Culture: Letting Go of Comparison

For Richella Parham, comparing herself with others began in childhood with a rare and embarrassing birthmark. Comparison seemed innocuous and inevitable until years later when her husband politely pointed out that doing so had become a bad habit. Since then, Rochella’s been on a mission to let go of what others think about her, eliminate negative self-talk from her vocabulary, and embrace who God says she is. If you’ve ever struggled with comparison (and who hasn’t?), you’ll benefit from this discussion.

Richella’s Blog:  Imparting Grace

Mythical Me: Finding Freedom From Constant Comparison  

Inbox: Guarding Your Heart While Waiting to Get Engaged

Our listener and her boyfriend have talked about getting engaged, but it will likely be next year before he pops the question. Amidst the waiting, she’s struggling to find a balance between guarding her heart and preparing it for marriage. Is there a way to balance the two? Counselor Geremy Keeton weighs in. 

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