Dec. 9, 2021

When You Choose to Keep the Baby (Part 1): Episode 723

When You Choose to Keep the Baby (Part 1): Episode 723
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Part one of a difficult pro-life story, plus accepting grace after an abortion, and honoring God with your sexuality as a single adult.

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Roundtable: The Hard Side of Choosing Life (Part 1)

High school sweethearts at a Christian school, they seemed to be heading toward a bright future. Then came the news that they were pregnant. When faced with this reality, Jarod and Glory Adducci had a big decision to make: have the baby and forever alter their life plans, or choose abortion — something they had said they would never do. Listen to part one of Jarod and Glory’s powerful story.

Culture: When You Regret a Past Abortion

Behind every abortion is a story. For many, that story is filled with trauma, shame and regret. But even in the midst of the tears, God forgives and shows grace. Greg Smalley and Joanna Brown share their journeys through abortion including the resulting fallout and the restoration only God could provide.

Post-Abortive Recovery Resources:

Inbox: Sexual Energy and the Single Christian

Sexual desire is a gift from God. But what do you do with those desires as a single person? Is there a productive way to channel sexual energy outside of marriage? Counselor Glenn Lutjens offers some thoughts on the subject.

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