June 17, 2021

When You Don’t Feel “Good Enough”: Episode 698

When You Don’t Feel “Good Enough”: Episode 698
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Struggling with inferiority, plus the value of being a Christian “nobody,” and his girlfriend’s past eating disorder still bothers him.   

Featured musical artist: About a Mile

Roundtable: Think You Don’t Measure Up?

Another engagement announcement on social media, a married couple you know is expecting, and your best friend just landed a new job. While you celebrate your friends, deep inside you wonder, “Will it ever be my turn? Maybe I’m just not good enough.” Our panel shares how they’ve wrestled with those feelings in relationships and beyond, yet learned to overcome feelings of inferiority and despair.   

Culture: Christians Behind the Scenes

It’s easy to think that God only uses those with a platform. The well-known pastor, the social media influencer, the worship leader on stage at big conferences. But what about those who are faithfully serving God when nobody knows their name? Dr. Jeff Iorg reminds us how God uses unknown people in big ways. He should know; he was led to Christ by one.  

Inbox: Eating Disorders & Dating

His girlfriend previously had an eating disorder, and he’s concerned she still struggles but won’t admit it. What should he do? Counselor Elaine Humphries weighs in.

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