Nov. 17, 2022

Worry Is a Waste of Time: Episode 772

Worry Is a Waste of Time: Episode 772
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A panel of pastors on why church matters (part two), plus overcoming anxiety and perfectionism, and how to be friends with moms your age.

Featured musical artist:   Nathan Tasker

Roundtable: Why Church Matters (Part 2)

The Boundless team recently held a live event at Third Space Coffee in Colorado Springs to talk about why the local church is an essential part of the Christian life. Joining us were three pastors from the area. We put mics in front of them, Lisa asked a bunch of questions, and over 80 young adults sipped coffee and listened in. Now you can, too, as we share what was recorded in a two-part roundtable last week and this week. In part two, the pastors discuss overcoming church hurt, how to respond to church discipline, and ways to get plugged into a local congregation.

Culture: Beating Perfectionism, Fear and Worry

In a culture that thrives on projecting strength, how can we possibly overcome the relentless drive toward perfectionism? Counselor Tim Sanford has some amazing insights into recognizing the difference between fear, anxiety and worry. He’ll show you how to retrain your brain against worry, and will give strategies for bucking perfectionism in favor of excellence.

Inbox: Befriending the Moms at My Church

She’s a single woman who hopes to have a family someday. She wants to become better friends with the moms at her church, but they seem so busy, and she’s not confident around kids. What can she do? Ashley Bazer weighs in.

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