Sept. 24, 2022

Focus on the Family Weekend: Sep. 24-25, 2022

Focus on the Family Weekend: Sep. 24-25, 2022
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This weekend, we revisit our recent Daily Broadcasts "Nurture Your Wife, Stay Married for Life!” and “Building Bridges with Your Adult Child."

On Part 1 of this weekend's program,  Dan & Jane Seaborn take the stage together to provide a fun look at the differences between men and women. Then Dan delivers a serious, passionate message encouraging men to nurture their wives, avoid the dangers of pornography, and commit to staying married for life.

On Part 2, Brenda Garrison shares her personal parenting journey with her oldest daughter, Katie. She offers some great keys to building relationships with older children and encourages parents to build bridges of love rather than walls of resentment.

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