ReFOCUS with Jim Daly

ReFOCUS with Jim Daly

Our culture grows more complicated and challenging every day, and we want to address those tough issues on the ReFOCUS with Jim Daly podcast. Jim Daly is the president of Focus on the Family, and he enjoys having deep and heartfelt conversations with people who will strengthen your faith. That’s why Jim has invited some of our day’s most acclaimed and respected thinkers to join the conversation. He will dig deeper and ask the hard questions to help you share Christ’s grace, truth, and love. This bi-weekly podcast will leave you feeling challenged, encouraged, and more engaged with the world. So dive in and listen.

Recent Episodes

Learning to Forgive Others

June 5, 2023

Forgiving others in a meaningful way is a very difficult thing to do, especially in today’s culture, where the idea of forgiveness is often distorted. But without forgiveness, resentment and vengeance will poison the soul. I…

Sharing the Love of Christ in a Cancel Culture

May 22, 2023

Before God fully captured his heart, Joe Dallas identified as a homosexual and tried to integrate his sexuality with his Christian beliefs, actively promoting a pro-gay theology. But God gently reminded Joe of what he truly …

Guest: Joe Dallas

Arthur Brooks: Loving Others in a Life of Happiness, Influence, and Purpose

May 8, 2023

Author and Harvard Professor Arthur Brooks shares about the struggle people often have to find purpose in the second half of life. He relates much of that struggle in our culture to unhappiness and the addiction to money, po…

Guest: Arthur Brooks

Loving Your Neighbor to Christ

April 20, 2023

In a post-Christian culture, people need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ more than ever before. Pastor John Burke will encourage you to create opportunities to reach others for Christ by practicing “relational evangeli…

Guest: John Burke

Sharing a Biblical Worldview in a Secular Culture

April 20, 2023

With a shrinking biblical worldview in today’s cancel culture, there’s an increasing need for Christians to engage others with grace and truth. Natasha Crain outlines the four pillars of secularism that are pervasive in the …

Guest: Natasha Crain

A Renewal of Hope for One Nation Under God

April 20, 2023

Dr. Os Guinness, a renowned author and social critic, shares about the moral crossroads in America and challenges you to build upon seven foundational stones to preserve freedom and seek repentance, revival, and spiritual re…

Guest: Os Guinness

ReFOCUS with Jim Daly Preview

April 17, 2023

Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family, casts the vision and purpose for his new bi-weekly podcast.

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