May 8, 2023

Arthur Brooks: Loving Others in a Life of Happiness, Influence, and Purpose

Arthur Brooks: Loving Others in a Life of Happiness, Influence, and Purpose

Author and Harvard Professor Arthur Brooks shares about the struggle people often have to find purpose in the second half of life. He relates much of that struggle in our culture to unhappiness and the addiction to money, power, pleasure, and fame. Brooks offers three big issues to manage in your life that lead to happiness, while pointing you back to the importance of having meaningful relationships with family and friends and loving your enemies as well. He encourages you to live a life that reflects your Christian faith with integrity and a winsomeness that draws curiosity from the world. He also speaks of finding purpose in suffering, offers advice about making a career change to do meaningful work, and helps you prepare to leave a legacy in your later years of life.


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Arthur Brooks

Arthur Brooks is a Harvard professor, PhD social scientist, #1 bestselling author, and columnist at The Atlantic who specializes in using the highest levels of science and philosophy to provide people with actionable strategies to live their best lives. Arthur provides happiness training and professional development to businesses, academia, government, and faith communities based on cutting-edge research in social science and neuroscience, as well as philosophy and wisdom traditions.