May 22, 2023

Sharing the Love of Christ in a Cancel Culture

Sharing the Love of Christ in a Cancel Culture
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Before God fully captured his heart, Joe Dallas identified as a homosexual and tried to integrate his sexuality with his Christian beliefs, actively promoting a pro-gay theology. But God gently reminded Joe of what he truly believed, and he went through a process of repentance and restoration, eventually becoming a counselor. In this broadcast, Dallas addresses major controversies in today’s increasingly hostile cancel culture, helping believers to cultivate respectful discussions and share Christ’s love and truth with others who don’t share our faith.


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Joe Dallas

Joe Dallas is an author, speaker and pastoral counselor. He is also the founder and program director of Genesis Counseling, a ministry for men dealing with sexual addiction, homosexuality and other relational problems. Joe and his wife, Renee, reside in California with their two sons. Learn more at