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Really love the podcast great job 👏


Love this so much 💙

Aly something

That is what I can play games to today and I love this game and the games I would give to play the play play games with you play games and join you and to come play and the game is going on and that sweet

Keeping God the Main Thing!

I started listening to this podcast this morning as I decorate for Christmas. I must admit, when I began the task I most certainly was not relishing in the joy of the season. HOWEVER I have been most richly blessed by listening to EVERY episode thus far in one day. My heart has been touched in such a way that I am now excited and eager to ensure that my family and friends KNOW the real reason for this season and to be a blessing to others. Thank you Focus on the Family!! You continue to grow me as a Christian daily. May you be blessed beyond measure so you can continue to bless others and grow other’s faith!!

Season 2!

Enjoyable and encouraging as Christmastime begins. Looking forward to the encouragement Focus on the Family consistently brings!

Great way to get in the mood for Christmas!

Love this. Can’t wait for season 2!

Hope for a better day

I’ve been listening to these stories that make me cry, laugh and think(sometimes in the same podcast). Highly recommend. There is hope for a better day for you and me!


Such cute stories. Just what I want to hear this time of year!


What a fun podcast! Really gets you in the mood for Christmas!

Fun podcast!

What a fun way to kick off the Christmas season! I appreciated the humor.