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Life changing info on the go

Married with three small girls. I’m so thankful that the resource that helped my parents raise me is available for me. So thankful for this ministry’s faithfulness.

Exactly what I need as a young Christian dad

Danny and John encapsulate the best gold nuggets of Jesus’ gospel into bite-size snacks you can listen to in just a few minutes. You’ve got kids.. sometimes 10 mins is all you have! Highly recommend.

Guidance appreciated

Heading on this parenting journey - keeping the center of our parenting with God with practical help. Loved the one on what our daughters need.

Thank you Focus on the Family !!!

Thank you Focus on the Family!! ❤️

Thank you!

My husband and I love the show for so many reasons! Thank you for providing helpful information and resources for us all!


Enjoying and learning a lot. Could you update your music for a new generation of parents? Feels so 90’s!!

Awesome podcast!

John & Danny, hosts of the Focus on Parenting podcast, highlight all aspects of family, life and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

So relatable.

I’m a big Focus fan, and as I was listening to the episode about trusting God During a High Risk Pregnancy, my jaw dropped. Because I too, had HELLP syndrome. It was a very scary experience and I also happen to be a healthcare professional who didn’t know what was happening to me. Because of how rare the condition is, it’s hard to find anyone who knows what you went through. But God knows. Thank you for the encouragement.

Thank you

This a great resource while raising kids in today’s cultural.

Thank you!

Love listening to your podcast especially on parenting. Wondering if you have any podcast from the life of missionary parenting kids and teens and how they adjust to the different cultures ? We have currently been on the field in Ghana for almost 3 years and gave some different situations and trials here that are so different. If there aren’t yet would this be something you are open to? Thank you again ! In Christ Emily

Amazing instruction

Focus on the Family has helped my wife and I raise 3 kids. It’s daily podcast are amazing and helpful in navigating parenthood in the difficult years of teenage life. I highly recommend.

God’s Word is the foundation

I just subscribed to the parenting podcast. I haven’t even listened but upon reading the reviews I could easily see that those,,, who hate Gods Word and also dislike those who live by it. Which I am in that category. I rarely write reviews but I wanted to encourage those who are behind these godly podcast. Do not be discouraged over the critics. It’s not you they hate, but the God whom we serve and His Word. Be strong and courageous. Truth has been attacked since the Garden of Eden, and will to be attacked. Read the last chapter, He wins every time🙏🤗👏

A+ for wanting God breathed advice

I have listened to focus on the family for years. I listen because I want Godly help, You will Find it here. You will not find anything hateful, That’s simply not true....


I like the practical wisdom and ideas given on how to be a good parent and pass on a Christian worldview

Love this!!!

Ive always loved focus on the family!!!

Single parent

I love the podcast. Very great information but it’s mostly given for children being raised by both parents. I’ve heard a few episodes that are for single mothers but I would find it amazing if you can speak on parenting with only one exhausted mother/father that usually turns angry very quickly. If parenting with two roles is very hard can you imagine doing it alone and trying to raise them Godly as you are also growing in faith.


God is awesome!

A great resource for parents of all ages and stages

Solid, practical parenting tips and advice.

Thank you for this valuable resource

I’ve been listening to this podcast for about one year. I’m a doctor, and I’m often not home in time to see my kids before bed. I often leave before they wake up. Yet, during those times I am with my children, the advice and wisdom that I receive through this podcast makes a tremendous impact. I’m so thankful that this podcast supplies real life value. Thank you so much.

I love it

Focus on the Family is such a treat. What makes this podcat special is that it so relatable.

Love this podcast

I could hug this podcast love it so relatable and so easy to follow.

Love, Love, Love Focus on the Family!!!!

I absolutely LOVE Focus on the Family! I listen to the marriage podcast, the Family broadcast as well as the Parenting podcast! Not to mention that I still love to listen to Adventures in Odyssey every Saturday morning on my way hone from getting groceries! Lol!

Thank you

I enjoy listening to this podcast whenever I am feeling overwhelmed about being a parent of a 2 yr old.


I appreciate so much the honesty from the speakers and the rich pieces of truth given in a shorter amount of time. This podcast helps me start my day right or fill my heart with truth as I go through my day.

Informative & helpful

I don't find parenting intuitive at all so I find these podcasts very helpful as I raise my 3 kids. Thank you for doing them!

great stuff

this is really great for new parents like me!

Great advice

This podcast has GREAT biblical advice! What a wonderful resource!


Thank you for the encouragement on helping us let go and let our kids try more responsibility even if they don't do it fast or as well as we do. Thank gig for the reminder of our job as trainers for their lifetime!

The word of God over all

I am thankful for focus on the family in their attempt of speak truth about family his programs has help me to see situations and deal with resolution differently as a parent. Thank Dobson program is not geared toward popular world views but on GODS TRUTH.

Very Insightful & encouraging!!!

I really enjoyed the 4 pod casts with Michelle Anthony. Great ideas and wise words for parenting! I am looking forward to hearing more! I appreciate being able to have this new resource to help me be the best mom I can be! Thanks!!!