Jan. 20, 2023

Don't Give Up: Stay Engaged in the Pro-Life Battle

Don't Give Up: Stay Engaged in the Pro-Life Battle
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The executive director for Advocacy for Children at Focus on the Family, Robyn Chambers, and pastors Todd and Kelly Hudnall discuss the impact you can have on transforming hearts and minds toward a life perspective. From sharing God’s love and grace to supporting Option Ultrasound, you can stand for life and make a difference.

Donate today, and you will help provide ultrasounds to mothers who might otherwise not have access to them. This is an essential step at giving these babies a chance at life. More than 50% of women who receive an ultrasound and counseling choose life! Every $60 you give helps save the life of one innocent baby: https://donate.focusonthefamily.com/don-daily-broadcast-product-2023-01-20?refcd=1601602

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