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The Absolute Best!

I have listened to this program since I was born (literally). I have always loved hearing the stories of wisdom and advice even from such a young age. I honestly believe that it has helped shape me into the Christ-follower I am today. Anytime I need to hear something that is uplifting, convicting, and motivating all at the same time, I find an episode on Focus on the Family! I am so grateful for their ministry and what they have to offer!

Steady Stream of Good Advice

I’m a long time listener, and the steady stream of good ideas and advice is very helpful for me to keep up a positive mindset about me, my family, and our future.

Couldn’t do it without them!

We have been regularly following Focus for over 20 years and have found them to be incredibly helpful in raising our family and helping build our marriage with a strong foundation. We are so thankful for everyone on the Focus on The Family team!!!

Family improvement

I appreciate the humor at times and the honesty to help marriages and raising kids. Also learning about church community. Wonderful Christian help.

Daily vibe

I listen daily. It really get my day started the right way.

Such a great addition to all collections!

I have been a long time subscriber now of the focus on the family podcasts and I subscribe to quite a few podcasts related to positive parenting and parenting in general and the Focus on the Family Parenting podcasts are some of my favorite!!! There are always great topics that can relate to a lot of families. There are also great guests that are always appreciated for great insight. I also love the resources which are on their website as well as the printed copies which they always share for minimum donations that can be affordable for anyone, they are also great resources all around and I am so grateful for the amazing team at focus. Thank you!!

Eye opening.

Thank you for these great and inspirational podcast. Very eye opening to how I should raise my 3 kids.

Amazing Message

You should listen to this podcast


For your voice it’s very calming

Love this podcast!

This podcast is so wonderful! I’ve learned so much just by listening to one in the shower, or while I exercise! Love it so much! Thank you, Focus on the Family for Biblical, practical teaching! ❤️

Helpful, Biblical and inspiring

We live Focus. We utilize the family and marriage podcasts regularly to coach others as well as feed ourselves. This is a great organization!

Just what the Lord ordered

Thank you so much for this podcast. Me and my family have been so blessed by each episode. It has really opened my eyes to what God has for his people if we just trust in him.

Daily life saver.

Sometimes this show just brings me right back when I start to fall away.


Focus on the family has given so much hope to our marriage and my family family. Keep up the work! Highly recommend the Daily Citizen section of Focus on the Family as well.

Love this podcast

I grew up listening to this show because my mom listened. I love the old replays of Patsy Clairmont, Florence Littaeur and Corrie Tin Boom. Now I’m a faithful listener and supporter. As the seasons of my life change, not every show is applicable to my life but I still listen because you never know who God will bring to your path that needs to hear. Keep being faithful Focus! Thank you!

Love it

Love this episode

Resiliency is probably the most important character trait to developing a healthy and thriving adult

I love the personal examples and the biblical standpoint. I am so thankful that they talk about the hard issues especially in a world that is trying to foster entitlement and feeling based society that cannot handle challenges, hearing this is a powerful affirmation! Bex Buzzie

My Daily toolbox

I am so thankful for Focus and their daily podcast. Each podcast is always filled with tools that I can apply daily to better my family.

Daily Dose of Encouragement & Inspiration

I want to thank Focus on the family for all that they do. All the resources they provide, particularly the podcasts, have been instrumental in my life. The inspiring stories, words of encouragement, and biblical wisdom they share have helped me though very difficult moments. I continue to learn and grow in my faith and I am better because of it. Thank you!

Thank You Focus in the Family

I am so very grateful for the sound Biblical teaching of Focus on the Family. I have utilized so many of the things I have learned. It has strengthened my faith journey and my family. I am eternally grateful for this ministry.


I listen to this podcast all the time. Love the Bible based teaching on a variety of topics. Thank you for all you do !


Great information and resources

Great resource!

I appreciate the important topics that Focus on the Family tackles. They come at the right time and are a great resource!

Love it

Great podcast! They talk about everything. It’s so insightful and give you tools for daily living.

LOVE, Highly recommend!

This podcast came to me exactly when I needed it, God knew. He has used this podcast to speak to me on more than one about on topics I was dealing with in my own personal life/home. I listen to it every day & I have learned so much. God bless the ministry. 💚🙏🏽

The love of Jesus

I love this podcast. It really focus on the family.

Love this Podcast

I enjoy this podcast so much I listen to it almost every day when I’m going to the gym or driving around it’s always encouraging thank you Focus on the Family.

Exceptional quality podcasts

Focus on the family only gets better in presenting relevant and helpful information on family, social and faith topics in a very relatable way. The guests are credible and present a well informed and balanced perspective from a genuinely Christian perspective. I’m so grateful for the way I’ve been shaped in my thinking and appreciate the role that Focus on the Family has in shaping and preserving families in our culture. Highly recommend this podcast!

Love it

Can you please subscribe me none of the marriage broadcasts for me please? Thank you