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Great reviews loved

Great podcast!!!

You got to check plugged in before you watch a movie. I mean, really, who wants to watch a bad movie? You can check any new movie through a Christian lens. Plugged in will let you know if there’s any cussing or murrdering, and will give you a 1-5 star rating Example: "spider-man into the spiderverse” has 4 out of 5 stars for family friendliness. So I’ll give plugged in 5 out of 5 stars.

Plugged In is Trying to Protect You!!!!

I know that many viewers out there don’t care about Plugged In and think they are trying to boss you around. NEWSFLASH: They are not!! They are only trying to protect you and your family. If you see a movie that is 0 stars, I think you know that that is a movie you do NOT want to take your kids to. If you have seen one, (which I HIGHLY recommend you don’t) you probably know that is not a great movie. Plugged In has reasons to rate these badly rated movies (violence, language, nudity etc.). Yes, people curse in real life, but I believe they don’t mention it because they want you to read the review. Another possible reason is that they want to protect kids who may not know what a bad word is. But the point is, this podcast wants your family to get the best out of a film in a cinema, and generally protect your early teens, younger kids, maybe even yourself. Some movies(I will chose not to mention them) are so bad that Plugged In doesn’t even rate them!!! So I encourage you to listen to these podcasts and look at the website and PLEASE take the time to see how they rate a movie before you go see it at the cinema.

they are great!

i love this podcast because i can find out if a movie is good or not!


Great insight


They sometimes read way into certain jokes and stuff, but on the whole, they are a great reference. Some people have been complaining that the Family Friendliness ratings are inconsistent. Well, I half agree and I half don't. You have to understand that they rate based on the typical age of the targeted audience of the film. So while the Hunger Games might get a 3 star rating (since it is directed towards teens and adults), "We Bought a Zoo" might get the same rating (since it is directed towards people around the age of 8+) even though the Hunger Games is way more violent. Pretty good, just a little bit... Religious, for want of a better word. Hope this helped!!

This Rocks!

Thanks for the reviews! They are on point and help a lot.

Awesome plugged in

This is great. I love it. Before I see it in the movies, my parents check plugged in to see if it is ok. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

Nice, but...

I love the podcast, but don't you think the ratings at times seem a little off? One of the movies that you reviewed should have gotten a 0 to 1.5 rating, but it got a 2 or 2.5. It doesn't really make that much sense. But overall, it's an epic podcast, keep up the good work! ;)


very helpfull ! who wants to watch a bad movie ?

Point of view

I love and am thankful that I live in a Country where channels like this can exist for Christians and someone can voice their own opinion. Even when someone calls us narrow minded it is only a catalyst for us to further promote our beliefs, and even better is that IT'S JUST AN OPINION and You can personally choose to pick and take what you like out of it. So thank you Focus on the Family for your spirit led opinions on what I should or should not let into my mind because your advice is heavily weighed into my decision to see these movies people have spent there blood, sweat and tears on. What's funny about entertainment is that no one asked these people to produce these things so I can have no sympathy if I think its horrible, or no shame if I think it's great. But God has given us all creative license to create and it boils down to how we use our gifts. The Bible says that everything is permissible but not everything Is beneficial, meaning just because a movie or song is released doesn't mean it's OK to listen to or watch. So I thank God that He gives us discernment and ways such as this podcast to, despite worldly outcries even on this very podcast, share our point of view as Christians and try to help other Christians make Godly decisions.

This is great!!!!!

You think you know all about a movie from the preview, but they only say the good stuff about it, This tells the truth. and to every one who says this podcast is bad; this is a FAMILY FRIENDLY review! if the movie get a one star it might have a good plot, but it is not one you want to take your kids to!


doubeleg, just 'cause people curse in real life does not mean we should go see it in "fake life" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET THIS!!!! ITS WONDERFUL

Plugged In rules!

Plugged In is the greatest way to make sure you're watching or not watching something that's uplifting or right. Everyone's favorite podcast!


i just subscribed to this but, before my parents & i watch a movie i always read the review on plugged in online!i know this podcast will help a lot!