July 28, 2022

Am I Really Saved?: Episode 756

Am I Really Saved?: Episode 756
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Launching into adulthood, plus Todd Friel on how to know if you’re a true Christian, and the pressure to use preferred pronouns.

Featured musical artist: Daniel Bashta ( https://www.danielbashta.com/welcome )

Roundtable: Welcome to Adulthood

Do you feel like everyone else is independent: paying their bills, doing their taxes, making decisions and just generally “adulting”? It’s easy to feel left behind or experience anxiety around the many changes you must navigate in this season. Some of it is “life stuff” like the above. Some of it is relational — learning how to let go of your parents, make friends and find community. Our guests share the ups and downs of their own adulthood journeys and give encouragement for making the transition a smooth and (mostly) successful one.

Culture: A Question of Salvation

News flash: Just because you walked an aisle or prayed a prayer doesn’t mean you’re saved. So what does? All of us have questioned our salvation at one time or another, so can we really be sure? Evangelist and apologist Todd Friel shows how the prosperity gospel, “get out of hell free” gospel, churchgoer gospel and other false gospels lull people into complacency, yet Scripture itself is clear on what it means to be saved. Get ready for an insightful and empowering conversation on what matters most when it comes to salvation and eternity.

Link to Wretched.org: https://wretched.org/

Link to Todd's "Ten Point Test to See if You Are Saved": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLIWG6JO6NM

Inbox: Should Christians Use Preferred Pronouns?

As a Christian, is it lying or loving to address someone with their preferred pronouns — even if they don’t align with their biological sex? When asked to declare pronouns at work, school or on social media, how should we respond? Family and gender analyst Jeff Johnston weighs in.

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