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“Helloooo!” Listen to this podcast!

I got big love for this podcast. And no small hate for the haters who hate on it. Lisa is a great host. I hear she’s a native of Minnesota, though unfortunately fled to the mild climate of California early in life. Hope I got that bio right. Anyway, I’m a native of Minnesota, too, but I probably shouldn’t say “native” like that cuz really, I’m a 5th Gen. German-Scandinavian implant. But anyway. Yay for the snow and cold. Glad you’re enjoying the palm trees, Lisa. And just between you and me—I get why you left. Though I hear you might be in Colorado these days. Hope the mountains make you happy. Garden of the Gods and all that. Anyway. Back to the podcast. You should listen to it. It’s great. Love Lisa and her humor. It’s drier than a raison in the Sahara Desert, y’all. Helloooo! (As Lisa would say.) You should listen to this podcast!

Episode 792

Rick A. from Texas. I couldn’t have picked a better time to have tuned into Boundless. Episode 792 was amazing . I really truly needed that, as I have been struggling back and forth with maintaining through my seasons of being a single man. Thank you!! I feel encouraged. God bless.

Important for all ages

I am 62 and have been a faithful listener for years I have been married for 40 years but I still find this podcast to be relevant and refreshing even though I am not your target market! I have learned so many truths and different perspectives over the years. I love Thursday because I know there will be a new episode to listen to. I also love the music and I wish there was a Christian radio station that played more of the music you showcase. Keep up the great work!

Episode 779

Absolutely amazing!! I loved it and was very encouraged by it. God bless!


I’m really boundless thanks 🙏

Very Applicable

I always look forward to my drive to work on Thursdays. This podcast has encouraged me greatly and it has blessed me immensely. I love ye round tables 🥹. Getting several opinions and thoughts on a topic and the way Lisa asks these questions, how creative. I’m thankful for the team at boundless. (PS, reviewing the podcast from my couch and certainly not while driving 😅)


Valuable perspective and very relevant content

Amazing podcast

I have been hooked on your podcast channel! Great topics, great conversations and very relevant to single Christians today! It’s been a tough journey but I don’t feel alone because there is always someone that can relate! Thank you for keeping it real and giving a biblical response to every question. Love your podcast!

Recommend to singles!

I love the content in these podcasts! It’s basically for singles, although I was divorced, most of it still was applicable. I had been a listener for the last 4 years & loved it! There is so much good encouragement and good discussion. Now I’m remarried but would like my teenage ( Senior in high school) daughter to listen to. It’s not a girly show, though, it’s for both guys and gals!

Love this show!

I just found this show last week & love it! I have been looking for a Christian singles podcast & this fits what I was looking for with even more that’s discussed. I’m making my way through some old episodes & enjoying them. So thankful for this show being available! Keep it up!

A Helpful and Positive Podcast

I like The Boundless Show because it gives very positive and helpful advice on dating and walking with the Lord.

Always excited for a new episode!

I’m always excited for Thursday because that’s when the boundless show have a new episode! I love how relatable and real the show talks about young adulthood, relationships, family, friendship, and real life problems. This show is my go-to work/driving podcast when I want to tap into some great advice and guidance! Thanks for all your production and effort!!!!

A practical, helpful and easy to understand show

I enjoy listening to the Boundless show every week! Many helpful and relevant topics are discussed in a way that is easy to understand and that makes you think. Thanks for all the work you guys do at Focus on the Family!

Single Father

I’ve listened to Boundless for a couple months now, and I enjoy it! I would love for a few segments on being a single Christian father. I have not found any. Keep up the good work Miss Lisa!!

Soooo good!!!

I will definitely be telling all my single friends about this!! It can be easy to get discouraged as a Christian single but this podcast will give you so much encouragement!! The conversations are well thought out and filled with wisdom.


As a single man in my thirties, I’m grateful for a show that discusses singleness with the attempt at staying bliblical. I just listened to the Billy Graham: tech episode… I can confirm that I look to the ring finger and any ring makes me think a woman is not open to dating. Not that I’m very good at approaching either way

I’m married and listen most every week!

I listen, in part, because I have a daughter and want to find the best way to understand where she’s at and how I can best encourage her. But also because it’s just refreshingly honest, especially for those of us who grew up in the church and are searching for ways to stop Jesus juking people.

Highly Recommend

I regularly listen to the boundless show. It is relevant and applicable to multiple areas of life: faith, relationships, mental health, and culture being a few. I’ve grown so much and hope you give the show a try!

Awesome show

A godsend for me. Over the last 8 years it has helped me navigate relationships and life issues. I’ve recommended the show to my sisters and all my friends. Thanks boundless and God bless.

My Favorite Podcast!

I appreciate the intentionality that goes into The Boundless Show - it’s not just mindless entertainment; the topics are carefully selected, Lisa (the host) asks thoughtful questions, there are a variety of viewpoints represented, and the discussions cause me to stop and think more about life. I can always count on The Boundless Show for compelling content - I look forward to it every week!


Great source of light in truth in a fun and enjoyable format.


As a young, single woman I relate to this show very well. There have been several episodes that God has used to confirm decisions in my life or used to give me a deeper understanding. Thank you!

Awesome podcast!

I absolutely LOVE The Boundless Show! It’s the first podcast I’ve actually started listening to I believe and been listening ever since. I like how this podcast has three different segments of conversation. You get a lot out of just one episode. I also like how they talk about a variety of topics such as dating, Christianity, culture, etc. I highly recommend this podcast!

Encouraging and Practical

Being a single Christian adult can feel isolating, especially when believers your age or older constantly push marriage and make you feel like you haven’t made it until you have a ring. Boundless gets it! They’re a voice that resonates with where we are and gives such good practice advice for all areas of life. I love being apart of this community knowing I’m not alone, and God can use us in any season of life ❤️

LOVE boundless!

I have loved boundless since I was a teenager. Lisa and everyone else at boundless has unknowingly blessed me with so much Godly wisdom and advice over the years with navigating dating and so many other things that come with being a Christian young adult . I am now happily married to a wonderful Christian man and still love to listen every week!

Boundless: A must listen

I love boundless so much! I’m seventeen and it’s really preparing me for dating and possibly marriage some day.

Episode 682

This was very helpful to me. The man who gave his testimony about being a homosexual and being forgiven of his sins really spoke to me. I have asked Christ into my heart but don’t fell fully forgiven. I would like to have a conversation with him to how he came to full forgiveness.


Today I scrolled across this podcast and got to listen to how the podcast flows. Plus got to hear more from JP! Very excited to get his book too. Thank you ☺️

Single Christians

So good for single Christians, I feel such fellowship.

Keeping It Real

Great conversations and well rounded questions from Lisa. As a “thirty something” I enjoy hearing the variety of perspectives and many times can still relate to what is being said.