June 3, 2021

Any Prayer Requests?: Episode 696

Any Prayer Requests?: Episode 696
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Responding appropriately to requests for prayer, plus how our culture’s sex narrative came to be, and does location hurt her dating chances?

Featured musical artist: Tauren Wells 

Roundtable: Responding to a Prayer Request

Some are serious, some are “unspoken,” and others are just plain awkward. Yes, we’re talking about prayer requests. As Christians, we’re called to pray for people, but how should we respond when asked to pray for that deeply personal request in our small group? What about random requests on social media? What about something we’re not sure we even agree with? Our guests share their experiences around the pain and privilege of praying for others.         

Culture: Who Defines Sex, Anyway?

As the world keeps “progressing” in its definition of sexuality and sexual expression, the lines between black and white are turning gray. Jeff Grenell is a passionate youth leader who reminds us that regardless of what the culture does, God’s standard for sexuality remains consistent. With clear explanations, he discusses how several sexual revolutions (some historic, some current) have affected young adults today, and how we can discern truth from lies.

Inbox: Keeping Hope for Marriage

She lives in a small town and feels like there aren’t many Christian guys to choose from. She feels called to stay put, so what should she do when her options are so limited? Lisa Anderson offers a dose of encouragement.

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