March 24, 2022

Ask the Boundless Team (Part 1): Episode 738

Ask the Boundless Team (Part 1): Episode 738
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Part one of a Q&A with the Boundless team, plus what true humility looks like, and is dating a non-Christian always a bad move?

Featured musical artist: Nathan Tasker ( )

Roundtable: The Boundless Team Answers Your Questions (Part 1)

Our team got together to answer questions sent in by you, our listeners. The questions range from what’s on our current playlists to favorite places to travel, dating advice, getting through a difficult season of life and more. Hear part one of our discussion with Lisa, Hannah and John.

Culture: What Is True Humility? (Part 1)

We’re all convinced we’re humble enough. It’s everyone else who needs to work on being less prideful, right? But what’s the definition of humility, and what does it look like in everyday life? Pastor David Mathis from Desiring God uses biblical examples to address what it means to be humbled by God, how to humble yourself, and what we can learn about humility from the life of Jesus. Get your free copy of Humbled: Welcoming the Uncomfortable Work of God here:

Inbox: Is Missionary Dating Unwise?

She recently met a guy online and they have great chemistry. The only problem is, he’s not a Christian. Could dating him introduce him to Jesus, or is the whole idea risky and unwise? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

For the culture segment, John Peardon mentioned that he’d like to start having the GOAA URL in the description, but I don’t think hyperlinks go through onto podcast descriptions. I went ahead and just put the link natively in there. Let me know if that works/what you think might be best.

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