Aug. 11, 2022

Boundaries During Engagement (Part 2): Episode 758

Boundaries During Engagement (Part 2): Episode 758
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Having good boundaries while engaged, plus overcoming an eating disorder, and when to try to repair a damaged friendship.

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Roundtable: Boundaries Leading up to Marriage (Part 2)

The temptation to blur lines and push physical, emotional and relational boundaries is often stronger during engagement than other phases of dating. It’s also tricky to navigate compromise and common ground in the areas of finances, family and more. We brought in marriage mentors Roger and Diane Ingolia to shed light on appropriate boundaries to set for yourselves and others during the critical pre-marriage season. You’ll also hear from newlyweds Gabriel and Hannah Nymeyer on how they tackled these challenges while engaged. In part two, the couples address the importance of healthy physical boundaries.

Culture: Beating an Eating Disorder

Many young adults live with an eating disorder. Because the struggle is rooted in shame, most suffer in silence, even denying that there’s a problem. Grace McCready shares her own journey with an eating disorder — something she still fights every day. She’ll address the lies Satan uses to trap us, how she wrestled with body image and wrong thinking, and ways that counseling and community provide much-needed hope.

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Inbox: Should I Reconnect With a Friend Who Hurt Me?

She was friends with a woman a number of years ago. While things weren’t always stable in their friendship, a bridge was burned when the friend made a very hurtful comment. Now, our listener is questioning if it’s best to reconcile or move on. Counselor Jenny Coffey weighs in.

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