Feb. 17, 2022

Church Since the Pandemic: Episode 733

Church Since the Pandemic: Episode 733
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How COVID has impacted the way we do church, plus discovering your life purpose, and should single adults foster and adopt children?

Featured musical artist: Aaron Strumpel ( http://www.aaronstrumpel.com/ )

Roundtable: COVID and the Local Church

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, many churches have seen a big drop in both attendance and volunteers. Congregations are divided on things like mask mandates, vaccines, livestream technology and more. Our panelists share what has changed for them in experiencing church post-pandemic, and what has stayed the same. They also offer encouragement for staying focused on the gospel and making in-person worship a priority.

Culture: The Research Behind Finding Your Purpose

God made our lives to have direction and meaning. But struggles and disappointments abound, and it’s easy to lose our way. Dr. Stephanie Shackelford is a senior fellow at the Barna group where she’s done excellent research on how one can find their unique calling in life. She shares practical insights for moving ahead with clarity, including a four-step process: define, discover, decide, and do.

Inbox: Should a Single Adult Foster and Adopt Children?

She’s strongly considering adopting a child. But the big question looming in her mind is, does the Bible say anything about single adults adopting children? And either way, what are the pros and cons? Dr. Sharen Ford, Focus on the Family’s director of foster care and adoption, weighs in.

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