Dec. 29, 2022

How to Have an Amazing First Date: Episode 778

How to Have an Amazing First Date: Episode 778
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Ideas for a successful first date, plus popular misconceptions about dating, and the dangers of seeing every guy as a potential spouse.

Featured musical artist:  Austin Stone Worship 

Roundtable: First Date Strategies for Success

You’re going on a first date! Just the thought sparks more questions than answers. Will we have a good conversation? Will he be a gentleman? Is she who I think she is? To help make your first date experience better, we brought in a group of friends to share some dos and don'ts for making a good first impression, infusing fun into whatever you do, having a meaningful interaction, and determining whether a second date is a good idea.

Culture: Common Misconceptions About Dating and Marriage

Last spring, Boundless’ show engineer, Alex Seeley, got married. For he and his wife, Megan, it’s been a fun and eye-opening journey of learning to adjust to married life. Looking back on their dating days, Alex and Megan share common myths people believe about dating and marriage (they even admit a myth or two that tripped them up). We’ll discuss dating choices, being “too picky,” maturity in marriage, and more.

Roots Episode: Debunking Popular Myths About Dating and Marriage

Busting 10 Christian Dating Myths

Inbox: Not Every Man Is a Potential Mate 

How can she stop viewing every cute guy as a potential spouse? It’s making her kind of crazy, and she wants more balance in the way she approaches the men she meets. Counselor Jenny Coffey weighs in.

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