June 23, 2022

I’m Into You: Episode 751

I’m Into You: Episode 751
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Insider tips to express romantic interest, plus evangelism for everyday people, and when you struggle to make friends at church.

Featured musical artist: Mosaic MSC ( https://mosaic.org/MSC )

Roundtable: How Do I Know If They’re Interested?

Men and women are very different, including how we express romantic interest. This can lead to miscommunication, assumptions or long periods of wishing and wondering where you stand. Our guests share the many missteps they’ve taken in pursuing, wooing and (dare we say it?) flirting with the opposite sex, and what they learned from those experiences. They’ll also break down what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making a move, and what makes a person stand out from the crowd.

Culture: Sharing Your Faith in Simple Ways

“People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.” This principle also applies to how you share your faith, because without a relationship, your attempts at evangelism can only go so far. Pastor Jay Benson and Jill Hill are both passionate about sharing Jesus in their communities and friend circles, and they have many stories of how they’ve invited non-Christians into their everyday lives. They’ll also share simple and effective ideas for engaging our neighbors, coworkers and others who need the gospel.

Inbox: Time to Find a New Church?

She’s been going to the same church for five years but still doesn’t feel connected. Her schedule is also very busy, so socializing outside of work hours is not an easy thing. Is it time to find a new church or stick it out and hope to make friends? Our friend Josh Zeichik weighs in.

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