Oct. 21, 2021

John Cooper of Skillet: Episode 716

John Cooper of Skillet: Episode 716
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Practical ways to stay healthy as a young adult, plus Skillet's John Cooper on discerning truth, and how much do women want to be pursued?

Featured musical artist: Ginny Owens

Roundtable: Staying Healthy in Your 20s and 30s

You're young, you're busy – you really don't have time or money to eat right, exercise, or visit the doctor. You can worry about that later, right? Not according to our panel of medical and fitness experts. They say that the habits you form now will pay off in the future – stuff like eating healthy, getting proper rest, and setting up wellness visits with a doctor. Get a jump start on your whole-body health with practical tips from our wellness pros.

Culture: Being a Bold Witness for Christ

As the lead singer of the world famous rock band Skillet, John Cooper knows firsthand the pressures of today's culture. Years ago, when his band was just becoming famous, a music executive promised John fame if he would "stop talking about Jesus." But John knew that doing so would compromise everything he believed. In this powerful conversation, Cooper shares ways we can stand strong for truth in a relativistic world.

Inbox: Do Women Want to Be Pursued?

He's trying online dating, but the women he talks to eventually seem to lose interest. Even when conversations start out fine, they eventually drop off. Don't women want to be pursued? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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