April 21, 2022

Learning to Say “No”: Episode 742

Learning to Say “No”: Episode 742
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How to set boundaries and say “no,” plus the pros and cons of marrying young, and where to turn when it feels like your life has stalled.

Featured musical artist: Audio Adrenaline ( https://www.facebook.com/audioadrenaline/ )

Roundtable: It’s OK to Say “No”

Your friend invited you to a party, your church is asking you to volunteer, and you’re thinking about joining a new small group. While opportunities in life are endless, saying “yes” to all of them is a recipe for burnout. Sometimes it’s best to decline, even when the opportunities are good ones. Our guests describe how they’ve struggled with setting boundaries in life, and why doing so is important.

Culture: Better to Marry Earlier or Later?

Many of us think that before getting married, we need to have our lives, careers and finances in order. But research shows this is not always the best approach. Dr. Jason Carroll is a respected professor and researcher who co-authored a study on the pros and cons of marrying young. In this thought-provoking discussion, he shares what the study shows about timelines and milestones for tying the knot.

Inbox: Getting Your Life Back on Track

She took care of her mom who was struggling with serious health issues. But she feels this necessary “detour” got her stuck, and now she’s discouraged and wondering how to get her life back on track. Where should she start? Counselor George Stahnke offers a word of encouragement.

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