Sept. 2, 2021

Let’s Cook a Meal: Episode 709

Let’s Cook a Meal: Episode 709
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The importance of cooking (even for yourself), plus what it means to find true love, and wisdom for interacting with a gay friend.    

Featured musical artist:  Austin Stone Worship

Roundtable: Cooking Hacks for Singles

The late Truett Cathy said, “Food is essential to life, therefore make it good.” While everyone enjoys a tasty meal, what if you don’t know how to cook one? And what if you don’t feel like buying groceries and going through the effort of cooking if it’s just for yourself? Our guests explain how cooking is beneficial for more reasons than just having something to eat, and they give some of their best tips for making simple, nutritious and fast meals any time of the week.      

Culture: Finding True Love

We all long to find true love. With so many songs and movies about it, it’s easy to make this elusive quest our main goal in life. But what if marriage (and even singleness) are meant to point us to something much deeper and more meaningful? Pastor Evan Reedall takes us to the book of Proverbs to tackle the question: How do I find true love? He’ll discuss why marriage is a wonderful gift from God, but it’s temporary — and will never replace the joy of knowing Jesus Christ.   

Inbox: Talking Truth With a Gay Friend

They’ve been friends for months, but she’s never shared her convictions about sexuality with her gay friend. She now feels like a hypocrite for playing it safe and not sharing what Scripture says about homosexuality. How can she tell her friend the truth, but do so in love? Counselor Wendy Brown weighs in.

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