March 10, 2022

Lost in Love: Episode 736

Lost in Love: Episode 736
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Date without compromising who you are, plus a discussion on friendships with the opposite gender, and should your parents approve of your date?

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Roundtable: Dating Someone Without Losing Yourself

Your friend started dating someone, but now they’ve gone MIA. Or you know someone who got in a relationship and turned into a different person. Too many people are willing to compromise their values, personality and time for someone else, and the results are usually disastrous. Our guests share how they brought balance and accountability to their relationships in order to stay true to who they really are.

Culture: Guy and Girl Friendships (Part 1)

Ambiguous male/female friendships — they happen to the best of us. Fortunately, Boundless contributors Joshua Rogers and Suzanne Gosselin have written about the subject and are here to talk about it. Are opposite-gender friendships possible? What happens when one party develops feelings for the other? In part one of our discussion, Joshua and Suzanne share the possibilities and pitfalls of being “just friends.”

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Inbox: Should Your Parents Approve?

He has a new girlfriend and wonders if his parents need to approve of the relationship. He feels they tend to be controlling, but he also wants to honor their opinion. What should he do? Counselor Glenn Lutjens weighs in.

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