July 14, 2022

Making Women Feel Safe: Episode 754

Making Women Feel Safe: Episode 754
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How women experience safety with men, plus leaving an abusive relationship, and navigating political differences in dating.

Featured musical artist: David Dunn ( http://www.daviddunnmusic.com/ )

Roundtable: How Women Experience Relational Safety

For women, safety is very important. Not just physical safety, but emotional, spiritual and relational safety. But what does this look like in everyday life? This week’s guests share what makes them feel safe when they interact with guys. They’ll also discuss how they feel when a man isn’t a safe person, and some cues for discerning the difference.

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Culture: Leaving an Abusive Relationship

Sadly, many people face the reality of an abusive relationship. Some are in toxic situations and don’t even know it. What are the signs, and is there a way and a time to get out? Counselors Glenn Lutjens and Jenny Coffey offer hope to those suffering abuse, whether manipulation, gaslighting, physical, emotional or spiritual. In this conversation they define the difference between an abuser and an everyday jerk, what to do in an abusive situation, and how you can support a friend who’s currently being abused.

Inbox: When Dating and Politics Don’t Mix

He’s dating a girl, and they’re both serious about their faith. But he’s curious if it’s important for them to agree on political and social issues that aren’t explicitly addressed in Scripture. How should they talk about it, if indeed they have a disagreement? Counselor Geremy Keeton weighs in.

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