Feb. 16, 2023

Moving Somewhere New: Episode 785

Moving Somewhere New: Episode 785
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Tips for relocating to a new city, plus more from Debra Fileta on healthy habits, and should you be a bridesmaid when there are red flags?

Featured musical artist:  Ginny Owens  

Roundtable: Adjusting to Life in a New Place

Relocating to a new city or state can be one of life’s most daunting yet exciting opportunities. To truly build community in a new place takes time, patience and intention. Listen in this week as we discuss the struggle to settle in, how to make friends in a new place, and fun ways to discover the best your new hometown has to offer.

Culture: Need a Life Tune-Up? (Part 2)

We’re more than a month into the new year, so maybe you’ve strayed a bit from your well-intentioned goals and resolutions. Fear not: To get back on track, we brought in our counselor and friend Debra Fileta to discuss how to press the “reset” button and establish healthy habits in multiple life spheres. In part two of our discussion, she’ll address taking your unhealthy thoughts captive, dealing with feelings of discouragement, and finding healing from emotional baggage.

True Love Dates

Inbox: Can I Support Her as a Bridesmaid?

A friend recently asked her to be a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding, but our listener sees red flags in the relationship. Is it best to stand up for her as a friend — or decline out of principle? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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