April 22, 2021

Obsessing About Marriage: Episode 690

Obsessing About Marriage: Episode 690

Wanting marriage vs. obsessing about it, plus Tim Ross on sharing the gospel with difficult people, and trusting God with unanswered questions.  

Featured musical artist: Phil Wickham

Roundtable: Do You Want Marriage Too Much?

We dream of the beautiful wedding and of doing life with an amazing spouse. After all, that’s what God wants for us, right? While desiring marriage is a gift from God, it’s dangerous when it consumes our thoughts and becomes the thing. Our guests explain ways they and others they know have struggled with marriage obsession. They’ll also share thoughts on how to rightly prioritize marriage while being content in singleness.    

Culture: How to “Upset” People by Pointing to Jesus

Many say we’re living in the “age of outrage.” One post or comment on social media, and before you know it, people who were friends are severing ties. How can we share Christ’s love in such a hostile environment? How do we break the ice when many in the world want nothing to do with Christians? Pastor Tim Ross reminds us that as we learn to love God, we can love difficult people through our words and actions, and, with God’s help, see transformation in their lives and ours.       

Inbox: God’s Voice or Mine?

How do you discern God’s will when your heart is weighed down by unanswered questions? Is there a way to be certain God himself is speaking to you rather than just another voice in your head? Counselor John Thorington offers some insights.

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