Aug. 12, 2021

Questions College Grads Ask (Part 1): Episode 706

Questions College Grads Ask (Part 1): Episode 706
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Navigating life after college, plus a Q&A on building a godly marriage, and when you aren’t getting traction with online dating.   

Featured musical artist: Hollyn

Roundtable: Burning Post-College Questions (Part 1)

Making the jump from college to the “real world” is daunting. While starting a career and living life outside of campus can be fun and freeing, there also comes a whole new set of challenges and questions. How do I get along with my parents? How do I find a job? What are ways to save money? Can I make meaningful friendships outside of college? To help answer these questions, we brought in a team of experts to share lessons they’ve learned about life after graduation.   

Culture: Preparing for a Great Marriage (Part 2) 

It’s easy to enter marriage with rose-colored glasses; hopes are high and everything is so exciting. But what if real love has little to do with feelings? Diane and Roger Ingolia have been married for 44 years and have counseled many couples about what it means to love your spouse with a Christ-like love. In part 2 of our conversation, they’ll answer questions from a studio audience about how to do marriage well. 

Inbox: When Online Dating Stalls Out

She’s dating online but is hitting a brick wall. She’s had a few conversations, but it just seems like guys aren’t interested in her — or they are at first, but then they disappear. What can she do to change this? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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