March 9, 2023

Seasons of Life: Episode 788

Seasons of Life: Episode 788
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Appreciating different seasons of life, plus lessons from the American story, and is embryo freezing OK for Christians?

Featured musical artist:   Mosaic MSC

Roundtable: Navigating Life’s Varied Seasons

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Fresh starts, new life, longer days. To help us anticipate it, we talk about what we’re most looking forward to in this colorful season. We also discuss the changing seasons of life including job changes, big moves, and when friendships come and go.           

Culture: How We Learn From History

Many have a cynical view of where things are in America. But one of the best ways to engage the culture may be as simple as learning where we came from. Tim Goeglein is passionate about American history, working in Washington, DC as a policy liaison and government operative. Tim talks us through the lessons from history we’d do well to learn, plus insight on election exhaustion and how to put Christ above politics.

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Inbox: How Should Christians Discuss Embryo Freezing?

She doesn’t think embryo freezing is a good idea, but knows others who think it’s OK, especially when considering future family planning. Is it morally right or wrong? Our friend and medical expert David Davis weighs in.

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