May 11, 2023

Social Media Rehab: Episode 797

Social Media Rehab: Episode 797
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Detoxing from social media addiction, plus more with JP Pokluda on killing bad habits, and is it wrong to date if you aren’t ready for marriage? 


Featured musical artist: Je’kob


Roundtable: How to Detox From Social Media


You intend to “just check” your social media accounts, but a few minutes turn into an hour or more of mindless scrolling. You’ve tried to stop before, but the lure of the screen and its endless notifications are too much. You promise to do something about it…tomorrow. If this sounds like you, it may be time for a detox. To help motivate you, our guests describe what has helped them control the time spent on their phones, specifically with social media. They’ll also talk about the life gains they’ve seen as a result, and share ideas for replacing screen time with real relationships. 


Culture: JP Pokluda on Breaking Bad Habits (Part 2)  


Why Do I Do What I Don’t Want to Do? Replace Deadly Vices With Life-Giving Virtues 


Inbox: Dating Without Marriage in Mind


Is it wrong to date if you aren’t ready to get married? Counselor Kari Aho weighs in.



In Romans 7, the Apostle Paul is candid about his struggle with sin: “Why do I do what I don’t want to do?” Pastor Jonathan Pokluda asks the same question in his latest book (titled exactly that!). We can all relate, but what do we do about it? Is it possible to replace vices with virtues and bad habits with good ones? Is it possible to not let sin have mastery over us? In part two of our conversation, JP will tackle three battles we all face: perception management vs. authenticity, busyness vs. rest, and cynicism vs. optimism.