Dec. 16, 2021

When You Choose to Keep the Baby (Part 2): Episode 724

When You Choose to Keep the Baby (Part 2): Episode 724
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Part two of a difficult pro-life story, plus teaching men to pursue marriage, and when your date reveals childhood abuse.

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Roundtable: The Hard Side of Choosing Life (Part 2)

High school sweethearts at a Christian school, they seemed to be heading toward a bright future. Then came the news that they were pregnant. When faced with this reality, Jarod and Glory Adducci had a big decision to make: have the baby and forever alter their life plans, or choose abortion — something they had said they would never do. Listen to part two of Jarod and Glory’s powerful story.

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Culture: A Mentor for Young Men

Shortly after his wife, Lori, died, Chris Peardon felt God calling him to teach young men lessons he learned in his own 33-year marriage. He started a small group with men from his church, and together they’ve talked through how to relate to women, how to prepare for marriage, and how to date well. In this thought-provoking conversation, Chris shares some of the principles he’s taught and the outcomes he’s seen.

Inbox: Dating After Childhood Sexual Abuse

The guy she likes recently shared that he was sexually abused as a young boy. Out of the pain he experienced, he struggled with same-sex attraction and pornography before becoming a Christian. Even though he’s grown immensely, she’s wondering, “Has he truly healed from his past?” Counselor M.T. Wilson weighs in.

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