May 26, 2022

Women Out-Earning Men: Episode 747

Women Out-Earning Men: Episode 747
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When women make more money than men, plus advice for difficult relationships, and does a physical disability hurt your dating chances?

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Roundtable: When Women Make More Money Than Men

Studies show that in many cases, women now outpace men in education and in the workplace. What are the implications? In an age where career and calling are so important, does money play a part? Many Christians are uncomfortable with the conversation about salaries and earning power, especially in a dating relationship or when thinking about a future marriage and family. Our guests discuss their experience with this topic, including biblical wisdom and common sense for addressing it in their own lives.

Culture: Dealing With Difficult People

It’s easy to assume that we should never have conflict with fellow Christians. But such an approach to relationships is unbiblical — even dangerous — and can prevent us from leveraging growth opportunities. Pastor Brian Noble admittedly struggled with this until he realized that not facing conflict produced a harvest of contention in the long run. Now the CEO of Peacemaker Ministries, Brian shares how he’s learned to deal with difficult people in varied situations, and why handling conflict healthily sets you up for relational success.

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Inbox: Dating With a Disability

She’s interested in getting to know a guy, but feels limited by her physical disability. How much will this impact her ability to date? Counselor Joannie DeBrito weighs in with encouragement and advice.

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