Aug. 25, 2022

Your Dating Life on Social Media: Episode 760

Your Dating Life on Social Media: Episode 760
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Sharing your relationship on social media, plus responding to life’s “almosts,” and should a Christian remember the exact day of their salvation?

Featured musical artist: Phil Wickham

Roundtable: What Relationship Stuff Should You Post on Social?

You’re scrolling through social media when you see it — your friend is “in a relationship.” Now what? Is there an accepted etiquette for what, how and when you post information about your relationship online? Should a status be enough? What about photos, personal messages, and what some may consider TMI? Our guests this week have walked through this experience multiple times, and they break down the pros and cons of social media sharing about your significant other, including all the feels.

Culture: Trusting God in the “Almosts” of Life

You thought you were going to marry her, but she broke up with you. You were the perfect candidate for the job, but the company chose someone else. We’ve all faced the disappointment of getting close to something we want only to come up short. Jordan Lee Dooley joins us to explain how these opportunities, while painful, are the perfect time to trust God, grow as individuals, and see what better opportunities may come. Sometimes God uses “almosts” to steer us toward the “for sures” that we can’t yet see.

Get the Book: Embrace Your Almost: Find Clarity and Contentment in the In-Betweens, Not-Quites, and Unknowns

Inbox: Should I Remember When I Got Saved? 

Some churches teach that to truly be a Christian, you must remember the exact day you were saved. But is this biblical? And even if you do remember a certain day, how do you know if your profession of faith was real? Pastor Mark Bates weighs in.

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