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Korbin Hanson 11. TN

Hey AB. Is it okay to tell a lie to protect someone? (A white lie)

It is SO funny!

Dear AB, I appreciate your podcast and listen to it all of the time. Have you ever been to an amusement park and if so, which is your favorite? I am a Christian and I love Jesus, but sometimes I mess up… how can I feel like my sins have been forgiven? -L


Please make more episodes!!! This is the best podcast ever!!! :)

Best podcast ever!!!

I love this podcast so much. It have 2 jokes. Why did Noah not go fishing on the ark? Because he only had 2 worms What was Boaz like before he got married? He was ruthless


Okay, first of all I just want to state (and i’m NOT joking), we need more Jesse jokes!!!!!! I also have a joke.(And Have another statement. Of course I have an extra statement!) So here’s my joke: Q. How do bug police tell if a suspect is lying?A. They use a fly detecter! Also JESSE JOKES ARE ACTULY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please man me more episodes!!! This is the best podcast ever!!! :)

Best ever

I love this podcast when I am having a bad day at school it helps when I listen to this A new joke for the Jessie joke folder what did pants get arrested … Because it held up a pair of pants🫣Jesse I want more Jesse jokes

Love Average boy

I like your podcast, but I would like to hear you tell more stories. We listen every night before bed. Im Rhett and I’m 8 yrs old.

I love Jesse jokes

Hi my name is Jesse and I love love love your Jesse jokes to and also sometimes I feel like life is a video game and I feel terrible thinking about that also I have a joke nock nock who’s there banana banana who banana banana who orang you glad I didn’t say have an awesome week.

Korbin Hanson 11. TN

Hey AB. I think you should be nicer to Jesse about his jokes. Also what do you call a chicken thief? A chicken pot pirate (pie)


Hi I am Ezekiel and I’m 8. I love your podcasts. Keep up the good work.


I’m a reader of the audio magazine and a club member! This podcast is so cool! Thanks guys!

Such a great podcast

This podcast brings lots of joy to me and gives me a good chuckle. Please make more.

Great show for the kids!

My kids love listening to Average Boy. They say they love the stories and jokes and I love the message too.


Hi average boy my name is Logan I’m eleven and I have a question do Catholics go to heaven to? I love your podcast thank you for doing it!!!

This podcast is the best of them all

Hi AB and Jesse. I really like Bobs story’s and Jesse please let Bob do the jokes. Keep up the good work. My name is also Bob and I am 12 years old. I love the sound of our names backward listen bob. Can I please get a shoutout i would love that. :D


Hi! I can’t wait until you get to 💯 podcast episodes. I love your podcast, keep up the good work. And also a I have a joke for you, what did the broom say to the floor? “ Sorry Im late, I over swept.”


My name is Logan I’m ten and I love love love your podcast. I have a joke what did the teacher cat say when the student cat got an a plus it’s purrrrfect be

This show is AWESOME!

Bob’s stories are the best and Jessie’s jokes hilarious! - Eli I love Jessie jokes as well as Bob jokes. And the show is amazing! - Olivia

♥️best podcast ever♥️

I love average boy cause he is funny 🤣but could you please make more podcast episodes. Keep up the good work and I love Jessie jokes. My name is Quinn as well. More Jessie jokes. I am also 11

So cool

I love y’all’s podcast 100,000 stars, and please let Jesse tell more jokes. I love to tell them to my friends and family. Great job guys keep it up (/_/) 0 0 __

Ab book

For my birthday I got average boys above average year. My favorite picture is of ab having a bunch of stuff glued to his head!!!!!


Hi! What’s your favorite color? I love your podcast. PLEASE keep making more. (Also, I like bunnies) (\_/) (•.•) (>🥕

Hey ab

Great podcast, Jesse’s jokes are good What is your favorite number

Funny and heart warming

My 12 year old son LOVES this podcast and listens intently in the car. ❤️ I love it too! THANK YOU BOB AND JESSE!


I love this podcast! Always listen to it when I build w/ LEGOs. AB jokes are always really funny. Same w/ Jesse jokes. ( some more than others ) Keep doing podcast love it ✌🏻

Great show!

AB is really funny and I love his stories! More AB jokes! This podcast is our favorite! 8 and 10 yo.

So cool

I love y’all’s podcast 100,000 stars, and please let Jesse tell more jokes. I love to tell them to my friends and family. Great job guys keep it up