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Plugged in

This show is so good because I am a fan of movies and a huge fan of Jesus. Because we really need more of Jesus in this world. I’m in the youth group at my church and we have discovered that God is so, so good and he can really do all things. You should listen to this podcast because it has led me closer to Jesus and it just might lead you more towards Jesus as well.


Hi this podcast reminds me of a fam friend who passed away recently 💔 Keep up the good work guys! 💟

Love love love

I love this pod. It rly helps me understand what’s healthy for me and what’s not. They talk about everything I am currently consuming and loving all of these things! And when I see things like, Wednesday a show I have been wanted to watch! I now realize it’s pretty dark. So thank you guys!!!

A+ podcast for Christians concerned about Hollywood

If you are a Christian who is concerned about what Hollywood produces — and you are searching for alternatives — this is the podcast for you. It helps you think about entertainment from a Christian worldview. Highly recommended.


Best resource ever

It’s like being in the office with them

I happened upon this podcasts when I saw the title of two movies I was interested in and had to not only read their reviews, but had to hear their thoughts. They are very insightful and aware that they are speaking to many different people with different backgrounds and values. Their website has always been a resource I use often, now this podcast will just add extra toppings on that website. Also enjoying all of the guests as they each add fun to each episode.

Wow, What a Find!!

I’m so happy I found this podcast. PluggedIn is my go-to for honest Christian movie and book reviews. How wonderful to now be able to hear genuine Christian commentary on the latest movies!

Setting the bar high is a good thing!

With technology changing at a rapid pace and social media overtaking our every waking minute, knowing I can pull up Plugged In online and research a title puts my mind at ease. Listening to the podcast and Getty in a good laugh always helps, too. I enjoy the comradery of the group and the banter that goes on between them 😊 I’d love to see an episode of the team reviewing the group Dude Perfect because these fine gentlemen deserve it. My husband and two sons (ages 8 and 6) recently went to one of their live shows at the Wells Fargo Center here in Philly where we live and they ended their concert with a prayer and talked about how their belief in God is very important to them! With the attention of thousands of young boys and moms in the audience, what a positive impact I think they made! Please talk about them on a podcast. I think it would be beneficial. Please keep doing what you do 💕 it’s important.

Thank you for your ministry

Thank you for your ministry! You helped us in a big way in deciding what movies to watch and which ones to stay away from. One example of how you helped us. My wife and I wanted to go watch the second Jumanji movie: The next level. We loved the first one, but when we say how much language was in it; much more then the first one. We decided not to go see it. On a funny note; I always get a chuckle in some of your reviews. That under sexual content it simply says, “Guy takes his shirt off.” I always smile and tell my wife and she laughs as well

So good


A Go-To for Parents

I enjoy this Podcast and the insights provided by the staff! Some episodes I don’t resonate with or find applicable but the majority I do gain good, usable info. I always enjoy listening to the opinions and interactions regardless of topic, though!

Fun and Informative

I love the interaction among the PluggedIn team podcasters. Quite an enjoyable listen. Please keep up the icebreaker questions! And of course I can find out more about what’s currently out there in the entertainment world, especially when there might be concerns to navigate.

The latest and greatest

I love the information that the Plugged In team provides. I’m bad about keeping up with the latest and greatest and I’ve never been much of a TV watcher anyway. It’s good to know what my husband and boys are potentially being exposed to on a regular basis. Thank you for what you do!!


I like the way the hosts discuss the topics. It gives me a better perspective and helps me engage with my family about our entertainment choices.

Fun & informative!

A fun group of people, various ages and genders, with great insight into media and the sometimes-subtle messages therein.